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When is IB chemistry suitable for me?

Chemistry = improving people's quality of life

Careers in chemistry

Use the links below to give you an idea of the variety of jobs available with a chemistry degree or qualification.

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Career descriptions
Guide to a chemistry career
Career options with chemistry
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What chemistry jobs are on offer in the UK today?

But let's just list some jobs anyway:

agricultural chemist, toxicologist, biochemist, analytical chemist, catalytic chemist, chemical engineer, chemical information specialists, chemical sales, cosmetics, chemical technicians, clinical chemist, computational chemists, colloid and surface chemist, environmental chemist, food chemist, forensic chemist, geochemist, hazardous waste chemist, medical chemist, lab manager, material chemist, medical information officer, mining chemist, mining engineer, organic chemist, textile chemist, oil and petroleum chemist, paper chemist, polymer chemist, spectroscopist, synthetic organic chemist,

Even if you don’t want a job in chemistry

Mastery of chemistry is associated with excellent analytical and mathematical skills.Students of chemistry are able to solve problems and think things through.These skills are useful for any job!

The bottom line

The Chemistry Careers Resource
Chemists are special individuals who are able to take matter and transform it into something incredible. They work in many different fields and industries. One might be researching a new type of plastic, while another is working on a cure for a currently incurable disease. There are many job opportunities available depending on the type of chemistry you want to practice. In most fields, chemists are in high demand and the job forecast looks as if this trend will last for years to come.