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Cover work for Y10 Tuesday june 10 period 6

1. Complete "Acid reactions" - you have already started this one.

2. Complete the balancing equations worksheets

3. Research on fertilizers on A4. Fertilizers are salts. We need to know how salts are made as this is linked to acids and alkalis.
You need to select a fertilizer:
  • that is one of the most commonly used ones i.e. worldwide or China
  • include its name, its formula, its structure and bonding and other properties
  • why it is used as a fertilizers
  • how much is produced worldwide and where
  • how it is manufactured including the chemicals, reactions and conditions
  • illustrations

4. Do some of the questions on the sheet below. It starts off with a summary and then the questions

5. Look at some of the animations on the 4a wikipage.