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Agenda meeting January 17 2013

1. Mock examinations

  • Initial feedback on performances: on track for targets/similar (better) grades than last year? 70% A* - A; 100% pass rate. Discuss exam entry in next meeting.
    • academic issues: use of past papers and mark schemes
      • Y11: mock grades inflated maybe not such a big issue/allow for this in predicted grade (not BoD). Discuss pitfalls of learning most recent mark schemes only.
      • Y13? any evidence at this point?
    • Y11: concern in Experimental skills: in chemistry also questions on reasons for certain steps in methods. Strategies: list experiments they need to be able to describe (includes purpose of steps) and suggested practical activities (in subject specification) e.g on wiki, list skills, use sections in student books and revision guide.
    • names of all Y11/Y13 who are likely to fail will be send to Sandy/Claire/HoYs - need to show support has been given but little effect.

Experimental skills: From chemistry subject specification:
"There are some practicals in the specification content, which students need to describe. Knowledge of these practicals, and the ability to interpret the resulting data, is required..."

"Some of the question content will be unfamiliar to students; these questions are designed to assess data-handling skills and the ability to apply chemical principles to unfamiliar situations. Questions targeted at grades A*– B will include questions designed to test knowledge, understanding and skills at a higher level, including some requiring longer prose" answers"

  • Assessment log
    • grades:
      • deadline: 14 – 31 January/nico to check.
      • mock grade: use May 2012 grade boundaries as a guide.
      • current progress grade: attainment grade or predicted grade? if attainment: 70% mock and 30% term 1 rolling total? Also same weigthing for term 2 grade for Y11?
    • term 2 attainment grade Y13: include Paper 3? if so need a test? If so, enough time for both options? weigthing? Include IA!
  • Revision: CCAs known - indicate when if revision is done in table on home page of wiki.
  • Start study leave: Y11: 26 April (13 weeks) Y13: 12 April (11 weeks)

2. Exam admin: IA in IB:

  • Student deadline 18 March; idea was to give students more time to complete IA
  • Grades to Michele on 25 March: enough time to moderate and prepare sample?
  • Get most IA written work in before then and have ongoing moderation; close to March 18 should only be limited moderation.
  • Have grades and samples ready by March 18 for data entry and sample.
  • Go off timetable between 18 and 25?
  • Move 18 March forward?
  • Use Chinese New Year holiday to get IA updated

3. Overseas order 2013 - 2014

  • Deadline Jan 30 !!!
  • Books for IGCSE and IB courses,
  • Equipment: see Philip Harris catalogues.
  • Spreadsheet for each Phys and Bio/ESS on shared folder under admin/order/dulwich 2013-2014
  • time in next meeting even though after deadline?

4. Exploring Science

  • around 5th unit in schedule

  • OEAT feedback: completed in 8E and 7I/rubric task specific/two highest levels
  • AT1 feedback

      • Done in 8I and 7A
      • Propose new rubric to mark AT1/generic rubric same procedure – 2 highest indicate level – can also make support rubric/task specific
      • RQ given
      • Link on 789science “planning investigation”
      • Level of support:
        • Worksheet that has method
        • SS12: planning an investigation
        • More support SS 12 – SS 16 (Y7 folder)
      • Y7s? know how to plan an investigation?

  • In case of student absence: repeat tests but don’t repeat AT1 or OEAT
  • updating wikis
  • Y9: choosing Science courses - presentation and other information on Y789science wiki. Have a permanent display for careers/subject choices/subject information for both IB and IGCSE.
  • Science fair: Chris - consider proposal/feedback next meeting.

5. Science competitions

  • Y10/Y12: practical test again?
  • Y9: Science fair
  • Any other ideas? Y7 an Y8?

6. EE

  • New process: starts earlier, proposals from Michele to Chris, Bryn and Nico
  • Presentation: next week

7. New timetable:

  • 45 more minutes per science