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Terms used within the papers include the following.

  • Balance – chemistry questions may require students to balance an equation
  • Calculate – students may be asked to perform calculations
  • Compare – students should offer similarities and differences between the items being
compared. This should not be answered by writing two quite separate paragraphs that deal
separately with the two items
  • Describe – students should offer a response that includes the fundamental facts about the item or
process for which the description is requested
  • Design – students may be asked to design an experiment
  • Explain – students should offer a response that utilizes the underlying principles and concepts
  • Name – students should offer the name of the object or process in question. They should not
describe or explain it
  • Plot/draw/complete/measure – students may be asked questions requiring them to plot data, draw diagrams, complete tables or measure drawn apparatus
  • State/identify – students should offer a concise response with no explanation unless this is
additionally requested
  • Suggest – students will be expected to offer a logical response, not based on recall of knowledge, but on application of the principles and concepts gained during the course. This may be related to new situations or may relate to familiar situations in which there is no single correct response